Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW MEMBER, label(s), shows

I'm extremely happy to announce that we've got a new band member, Taylor Burns, who'll be playing additional guitar and keys.

In case you're confused, it's not this Taylor Burns. You're thinking of Abner Taylor Burns.

It's this one. 

I'm also happy to announce that our album Some Stay is to be "officially" released this June on cassette, digitally (with a slightly altered track list and additional songs), and on high quality vinyl. More details to come. 

Here are some upcoming shows:

Jan. 10th- The Comet (Free, all ages)
Jan. 11th- MOTR pub with Canon Blue (of Efterklang) (Free, 21+)
Jan. 17th- The Comet 
Jan. 24th- The Comet 
Jan. 31st- The Comet

Yes, this is the flyer for the Comet artist residency.

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