Tuesday, March 1, 2011

indie legends vs. top local punks vs. local legends

College sucks. Here are three songs that will get me through the day. Enjoy!

Some guys I've known and watched (in various bands) for years now. Based on this picture alone, Peyton Copes is more-so 1/2 mom, 1/2 dad than anyone else i know. I think you can find this 7" at Shake-It, or you could definitely pick it up at one of their upcoming shows. Sad Rad 4 life. 

...aaaaaand, of course, the Ass Ponys. Looking forward to the next Wussy album.


  1. What happened to "suburban kids with biblical names" they were actually pretty great.

  2. oh yeah! swedish twee kids with good music taste haha. they put out album #4 last year or two years ago i think.